Features and Benefits


We carry WCB

Limits the liability of the homeowner if there were to be an accident resulting in the injury of our staff member.


We carry 2 Million dollar liability insurance

If there were to be major damage to the property you can rest assured that insurance will cover the costs of repair or replacement.

We employ an experienced work staff

Limits the probability of poor workmanship due to lack of experience that you may encounter with a student painting company.


We have a 2 year warranty

You have piece of mind that our company stands behind our work and if there were to by any failure in the paint system due to poor workmanship our warranty coveres both materials and labour so you are not out of pocket.


We provide a very detailed written estimate

There is no fine print. We do several walk throughs on the project to ensure what we discuss is all labeled, described and outlined in the contract so there are no surprises and you have piece of mind you will not be hit with a bigger bill then agreed upon at the end.

We use high quality products

This give us the best chances at a great looking finished product that will yield the maximum lifespan possible.

We are members of many contractor rating websites

This exemplifies our commitment to providing clients with great service and great follow up to any problems that may arise during projects.

We are becoming COR certified

Along with quality and service, safety is top of mind when undertaking projects.
Hiring a company the puts safety as a priority will lead to a pleasant experience with no accidents.


We honour our estimates

Unless the scope of work changes based on customer requests, we honour our estimates through the course of the job.
We do not ever attempt to change the agreed upon price unless we receive a change order from our customers that results in product changes or additional work to the original contract.


We have many references

We have hundreds of references from satisfied customers to show we are fully capable of providing a hassle free experience along with great quality and service.


We do not take any major deposits before the work starts

We do require a $100 dollar booking deposit for all our jobs regardless of the size. This is quite minimal compared to deposit requirements from other companies. Some companies will require deposits anywhere from 10%-50% of the job price. That is a lot of money to give before work starts and many companies will not give deposits back once you give have given them. Our company keeps the deposit small so that if you have to cancel the job it is not a large sum that is forfeited and if you should you ever use our company that deposit would be used as a credit to that job.